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Going Platinum is a new company that is about to launch a gigantic web site (over 3000 pages) with everything from news, sports, finance and weather to games, chat, auctions and three shopping malls! What is different about Going Platinum is that it plans to share its revenue with its members. Membership is FREE and you do not get junk e-mail as a result of being a member. (They want you to visit the web site intead of getting e-mail.)

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As a FREE member you will earn money from using the new Going Platinum community web site even if you only surf through it. Going Platinum wants people to use the Internet and for everyone to benefit from it! A percentage of the revenue generated from every feature of the new web site will be paid to you! Low-cost to free Internet access is also available with local dial-up numbers throughout the United States and soon internationally.

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Going Platinum offers you the opportunity to own your own piece of the Internet. You even get your own web site. It's your Internet! Click Sign Me Up! to get your FREE membership right now or click Tell Me More for more information. Join the community that pays you to use the Internet.

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Get Paid while You Get Paid

What does that mean? It means that while you get paid for using the Going Platinum site, you can get paid running the SpediaBar. Actually, you can get paid running the SpediaBar any time you are using the Internet. What is important is that you check that the number 2955059 appears as the "reference number of your sponsor" on the Spedia registration form. Sometimes a small accent character appears instead. If the 2955059 number is not there, delete anything that may be in that field and then type the 2955059 number. Send and e-mail to with your Spedia member name. If Spedia shows that 2955059 is the reference number of your sponsor, you will receive a description of how to maximize your Spedia earnings. The techniques work very well.

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